Safe Ways to Access Online Gambling Sites

PUBLISHED: September 28, 2020

Do you plan to unwind and want to refresh your mind after coming home from work by playing on online gambling sites? It is very beautiful, not when you come home from work, immediately play on an online gambling site to earn rupiah coffers every day.

But what happens when you want to open an online gambling link but there is a message that the site is blocked or the internet is positive. Of course you will panic and feel cheated by online gambling agents where you still have funds in your account.

Be patient first. The positive internet is not the result of the online gambling agent where you usually play is closed. Positive internet is a public service from the government through the Ministry of Communication and Information to block online gambling links.

As an online gambling player, of course we cannot protest to the government because there are already laws which of course prohibit gambling.

The Government Blocks Online Gambling Services

As I wrote above, the State of Indonesia has a law that has articles prohibiting gambling that lead to imprisonment. Now, for now, many land dealers have been dragged into prison for providing gambling games. However, for online gambling, the authorities cannot do anything because the online gambling pattern itself is very difficult to track, so it will be difficult for the authorities to catch the players and the dealer themselves.

Well, one of the government’s steps to stop online gambling operations is to run a positive internet or block links that contain gambling and other unhealthy links.

So, can online gambling players still play or not? For this, of course, you still can. Steps to reopen links blocked by mekominfo are not too difficult to open. Intrigued by the steps? Here I will explain clearly.

Easy Ways to Unblock Positive Internet

1. Using the Anonymoux App

This software is one of the most effective software and is widely used by Indonesians. Anonymoux can break into sites that are already blocked in Indonesia.

Usually this software is used to open websites that have been blocked, for example, such as pornographic sites and all types of online gambling. Most of the people can channel their hobby in betting because of this software.

How to use it is quite easy. First, open your Mozilla firefox. Then download the app. After that. Click add to firefox or add extension to your Mozilla.

2. Using a VPN

If you play online gambling using a smartphone, then you can use a VPN that is available and free in your app store or playstore. Open your playstore or appstore service, then look for a VPN app with the name Turbo VPN. Download the app and activate the app on your smartphone, then you just have to open the link that was blocked by the healthy internet.

3. Using Alternative Links to Online Gambling Agents

For those of you who don’t understand how to download or install the above application, then you can use the easy and right way. You can ask for an alternative link from your favorite online gambling agent.

Of course every best online gambling agent not only provides the best promos. But the best online gambling agents also provide several contacts that you can contact to be able to communicate faster. And of course the agent will always provide the latest and updated alternative links so that members can more easily access and play on the agent’s site.

That was a brief discussion on how to safely access online gambling sites. Hopefully this article will be useful for all of you in playing online gambling in 2020. Thank you for visiting my article this time. See you again in my next online gambling articles. Happy betting!

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